Expert Spotlight: Dan Davidson, Ph.D.

Forward-thinking agriculture experts with deep scientific experience are the core of AgriThority®. As an independent global science consultancy, we focus on exploring potential, expanding market access, and evolving production for greater food security and sustainability. When your Research is ready for Development, turn to AgriThority® for scientific product, business and market expertise.

In this series we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Expert Spotlight. Dan Davidson, Ph.D.

“As a Product Development Manager at AgriThority®, I define my role at an intersection of a good dirt-kicking field agronomist and soil scientist, where I can apply my passion for agronomy. Capitalizing on experiences growing up on a corn, soybean and livestock farm in Nebraska and my 35-year career, my main role is conducting on-farm research projects, evaluating technology, and collecting and interpreting data.”

“My experience and passion for improving production helps me convert trial data into meaningful information for five clients on corn, soybean and wheat projects in eight states.   All the while leading the charge on our Soil is the Source™ initiative.”

This long-term soil health study and micronutrient research leads to greater understanding of how to improve soil and plant health. I’m as passionate about what goes on under the ground as I am the crops that grow above it.

“As a farmer still involved with my family farm and Ph.D. Agronomist by trade, I pride myself on my farmer mentality and my diverse set of interests and expertise. My career has been focused on everything from field research to developing farm management best practices, and collecting and analyzing data to writing and presenting the findings. I work best as an applied scientist.”

When your new innovation is ready for development, turn to AgriThority® for the scientific business, market and product expertise that can make the difference between a great idea and a breakthrough. Our global footprint, combined with our deep understanding of market and producer dynamics, helps you leap hurdles to move your innovation from the laboratory to market.