Expert Spotlight: Mike Kleckner

In our Expert Spotlight series, we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Mike Kleckner, Expert Spotlight

As AgriBusiness Senior Client Manager, NORAM, I’m passionate about building relationships with AgriThority® clients and members of the global agriculture community. I take pride in being accountable for executing beyond our clients’ expectations and delivering superior project management, problem-solving, strategy and communications. 

My internship with Eckert AgriMarketing sparked my interest in agriculture. Eckert helped growers and farmers explore non-traditional sources of revenue through creative, experiential strategies. This inspired me to pursue opportunities in client services with ag focused advertising and marketing agencies. My agency experience allowed me to work with clients like AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson, and Monsanto. Time at Aker Technologies fueled my desire to learn the technical side of agriculture and exposed me to product development and on-farm trials. In my AgriThority role, I am excited to dig deeper into product development and work with innovative technology clients. 

AgriThority is loaded with brilliant, technical minds around the globe. Not only is our expertise unparalleled in the industry, but the team truly loves their craft and cares deeply about what they do and how they do it. The value of my role in the business and service aspects of our projects is that it allows our technical experts to focus on maintaining their level of quality and doing what they enjoy doing, which makes both our clients and colleagues happy.  

Forward-thinking agriculture experts with deep scientific experience are the core of AgriThority®. As an independent global science consultancy, we focus on exploring potential, expanding market access and evolving production for greater food security and sustainability. When your Research is ready for Development, turn to AgriThority for scientific businessmarket and product expertise.