Expert Spotlight: Neri Martins

In our Expert Spotlight series, we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.


In my client service role at AgriThority®, I bring depth of process and project management to help coordinate scientific and market development projects with clients.  My interest in sustainable agriculture and technology began at an early age. 

Raised on a small family farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil, we grew sugar cane, corn and beans, and raised free-range horses, cattle and chickens. As a child, I spent weekends and summers learning the business. My parents and grandparents taught me to have reverence for the land. This inspired me to pursue my undergraduate degrees in biological sciences and agricultural environmental engineering from the Federal University of Vicosa. I further expanded my knowledge, research and project management skills by earning a master’s degree in agricultural and biological engineering and working as a Senior Scientific Specialist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

My background and keenness for sustainable agricultural technologies facilitated my connection with AgriThority when I met Founder and President, Jerry Duff, in 2016 at the Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a project in Brazil and learn about the holistic approach AgriThority applies to R&D from product development all the way to market access and expansion. After moving to the U.S. and gaining professional experience as a scientist and project manager, I was ready to advance in my career, and AgriThority was a perfect match.   

Forward-thinking agriculture experts with deep scientific experience are the core of AgriThority®. As an independent global science consultancy, we focus on exploring potential, expanding market access and evolving production for greater food security and sustainability. When your Research is ready for Development, turn to AgriThority for scientific businessmarket and product expertise.