Connect with AgriThority at ISF and BPIA

The World Seed Congress Will Bring Together 2, 000 Specialists and 200AgriThority CTO Dr. Gloverson Moro and Board of Advisor Martin Gruss will attend the ISF World Seed Congress in Barcelona, Spain, May 16-18. The conference theme, Sowing a Vibrant Future, focuses on important topics in the seed sector, including breeding, food value chain, intellectual property, seed resilience, sustainable agriculture and more.  

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Events | Biological Products Industry AllianceTony Pardo, AgriThority Global Director, Client Services and Jerry Duff, AgriThority Founder and President, will attend the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) Annual Meeting, May 17-18 in Monterey, Calif. The BPIA Conference focuses on increasing awareness and adoption of biological technology and provides growers with innovative and sustainable pest management and biological crop solutions. The annual meeting will bring together leading biocontrol companies to discuss new technologies and innovations in the biological industry, share industry insights and network with key international and national industry leaders.  

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