AgriThority® Encourages Biological Technology Development in Industry Alliance

AgriThority®, an agricultural science consultancy focused on accelerating new technologies to commercialization in markets around the world, is advancing development and application of new biological technologies through committee and consulting positions in the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA).

As a member of BPIA, AgriThority is on the forefront of issues, trends and resources in the biological industry. AgriThority will actively participate on committees to address challenges affecting this growing market and encourage the proper use of biostimulants and biopesticides to improve Best Management Practices. Turn-key product development and market access services offered by AgriThority will benefit member companies as they move new or emerging technologies through to commercialization.

“BPIA is uniting industry leaders to promote the benefits and value of biological technologies in sustainable agriculture,” says Marco Toapanta, AgriThority Director of Science and Technology. “We look forward to applying our expertise to influence legislation and regulatory framework and support faster development, registration and adoption of these technologies.”

AgriThority is uniquely qualified to work with BPIA members as they develop sustainable pest management and crop enhancement solutions. These new technologies require a fresh approach in testing and evaluating performance. AgriThority has a proven record for creating and following custom protocol on trials across diverse environments to measure a biological product’s capabilities and impact on the plant, as well as application timing and follow up best agronomic practices to achieve optimal results.

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