AgriThority® Experts Selected to Present at Biostimulants World Congress

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AgriThority® Experts Selected to Present at Biostimulants World Congress  

(Kansas City, Missouri, USA — 22 Sept. 2021) AgriThority® experts are speaking about biostimulant research, late-stage product development and the importance of disciplined development process at the Biostimulants World Congress in Miami starting Nov. 29. 

This annual conference is a leading event devoted to agricultural biostimulants and allows delegates to learn from the scientific and technical leaders in the increasingly important crop production sector. 

As a live session speaker at the in-person conference, Ignacio Colonna, AgriThority Global Director, Science and Technology, will be leading a session on Tuesday, Nov. 30. His topic is “Evaluation of Biostimulants for Plant Stress Tolerance: Overcoming challenges for an objective assessment in field trials.” Colonna will also be presenting the topic as a poster in addition to poster presentations by Tony Pardo, Global Manager, Client Services, and Gloverson Moro, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer. 

“We’re looking forward to presenting on three different topics during the 2021 Biostimulants World Congress,” Moro says. “With our experience on more than 170 different new technologies, we hope to bring many valuable takeaways for attendees.” 

The presentation by Colonna will cover field experiment management based on the product type and stage of development, as well as evaluation methods for biostimulants. Drawing on a large experimental database, AgriThority generates a range of field trial designs adjusted to different product types and environments, strongly supported by digital measurement and technologies for fine-scale field characterization and crop growth assessment. This specialized approach also includes robust spatial statistical methodologies that allow for an objective evaluation of product performance.  

“Development of biostimulants has unique challenges especially at the field experiment stage of evaluation,” Colonna says. “The proper evaluation at every development stage can prove biostimulant claims while potentially accelerating registration, introduction and, ultimately, grower adoption. In this presentation, we will provide several examples of potential pitfalls and solutions to early evaluation of biostimulant effects on crops at both small plot and field scales. Our AgriThority experience with biostimulants and biofertilizer field trials began in 2009 and has given us 11 years of data sets from more than 325 experiments across several continents, and we’re looking forward to sharing our insight during the Biostimulants World Congress.”   

Pardo will present a poster “Optimizing yield starts with Best Management Practices,” and Moro’s poster presentation will describe the important process involved with “Moving Biologicals from R through D.” 

To watch the AgriThority sessions and presentations, along with the rest of the conference content, register for Biostimulants World Congress. For more information about AgriThority, visit 


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