AgriThority Launches Initiative in China

AgriThority® LLC, an integrated agricultural science consultancy, announces the formation of AgriThority-China to support the development of new technologies, products and agro-technical solutions in China.

Headquartered in Jinan, Shandong Province, AgriThority-China provides expertise in all areas of agriculture, with core competencies in technology transfer, plant genetics, seed treatment, biologic and synthetic chemistry crop protection and plant health and nutrition. The team consists of specialists in the industry with comprehensive knowledge of the steps required to efficiently move new products and technologies to commercialization within China. The AgriThority-China network includes more than 35 research farms and facilities throughout the country which permits laboratory, greenhouse and field testing of a variety of crops, including field crops, trees and vines, and fruits and vegetables under a range of environmental conditions.

Services offered by AgriThority-China include market access and business development, product and field development, product importation, regulatory management and registration. The business model for AgriThority-China is different from AgriThority in other parts of the world. It also includes contract business and sales management, much like a “country manager” would provide. The team provides turn-key market access strategies to help companies create a go-to-market plan, develop distribution, and manage sales and marketing.

“China is a rapidly developing agricultural market where innovative companies are developing new products to increase agricultural production and create more sustainable practices,” says Jerry Duff, AgriThority President. “AgriThority-China will help those companies bring their products to market faster, supplying growers with the resources they need to address new challenges.”

The AgriThority-China team brings a deep understanding of local environments and agronomics that will streamline the product development process; plus, the team also has a deep understanding of distribution channels in China and Southeast Asia.

ShiGui Zhang, who has been an Associate with AgriThority for the past 5 ½ years, is the Research Manager of AgriThority-China. He has more than 30 years of experience as a seed company agronomist, and as a widely known and recognized plant physiologist in the Chinese agriculture industry. The Business Development Manager, ZhongHua Li, adds more than 20 years of pesticide business development experience and 10 years of plant protection experience. He also possesses a strong background in recruitment, training and management of sales teams. Jin Zhang is the AgriThority-China Project Manager. His background in corn, soybean and cotton agronomy will be a valuable asset during field research projects. Jin’s research experience includes root analysis and biologics and their impact on plant health and productivity.