AgriThority® Scientists Attend the NAICC Conference

In late January, AgriThority® scientists Krishan Jindal, Ph.D., Madhu Jindal, Ph.D., and Dave Guthrie, Ph.D. attended the National Alliance of Crop Consultants (NAICC) Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference provided a good platform for networking and allowed AgriThority associates the opportunity refresh their knowledge about new developments in agriculture and understanding grower’s needs.  

Breakout session highlights included:  

        • Use of new technologies such as robotics for stand count, measuring plant height, and NDVI (EARTH Science); aerial imagery as a standardized research tool for plot-based measurements of NDVI, and use of hydroponics in production and managing water and nutrients. 
        • Emerging and evolving technology session: Novel fungicides and bio nematicides by FMC; Your soil is talking, and it is time to listen by Pattern Ag; ARM software new Mobile by GDM Solutions. 
        • Hemp research: Hemp field research with a focus on fiber/ grain production in large-scale agriculture by Melissa Nelson, Performance Crop Research; Challenges and research for industrial hemp production by Calvin Trostle, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Lubbock, TX. 
        • GDM ARM training: GDM has come up with new software called ARM mobile which can be used to record and manage data at the trials, take pictures to upload in the trial file. The program automatically labels the pictures with treatment name and number, replication, and plot number. Researchers can add notes about each plot which allows for tracking or follow up with the CRO. 

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