Beltwide Cotton Conferences – New Orleans – January 8-10, 2019

Every January I look forward to attending the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, hosted by the National Cotton Council of America, for networking, panel discussions and updates of the key issues and opportunities in the cotton industry. This year’s meeting will be held in New Orleans from January 8 to 10.

Information shared at the annual Beltwide Cotton Conferences has international appeal. Last year, AgriThority hosted a group of Chinese seed company executives interested in adopting modern U.S. cotton production practices to their own operations. In addition to attending the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, this group visited cotton facilities and government offices throughout Texas as part of their participation in an AgriConnect™ program, organized by AgriThority for a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies in cotton production.

Looking at this year’s agenda, I’m interested in sessions addressing cottonseed treatment, nematode control and the role of soil health in crop production. While breakthroughs in biotechnology and variety improvements are quickly advancing cotton quality, soil health is important from production and continued sustainability perspectives.

U.S. cotton is perceived as the best in the world due to its strength, consistency and overall quality. Its leadership status is driven by consistent investment in the industry. Cotton USA reports $200 million in annual public and private investments fund research and advance superior technology to produce cotton that’s whiter, finer, stronger and cleaner.

Will you be in New Orleans next week? Email me at to schedule a meeting and discuss how AgriThority can move your innovation to market.

For additional reading, see The First Forty Days – The Most Critical Period in Cotton Production – we produced this guide more than a decade ago, yet it continues to be a relevant industry resource today.

Jerry Duff, President & Founder, AgriThority