Expert Spotlight: Dave Guthrie

In our Expert Spotlight series, we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Expert Spotlight: Dave Guthrie, Ph.D.

At my core I am a whole-plant physiologist with deep experience in products that impact crop development, yield and quality. My expertise in germplasm development enables me to understand and anticipate that plant growth regulator and biostimulant interactions with germplasm are to be expected and must be considered when building agronomic recommendations and subsequent Best Management Practices. 

Growing up in the city, my exposure to agriculture was limited, but my father had a great love for all things plants. This ignited my curiosity in botany and I realized I could make my interest into a career. So, I pursued my undergraduate degree in Botany from UC Davis, my master’s degree in Agriculture from California State-Chico and my Ph.D. in Agronomy with a specialty in Cotton Physiology from the University of Arkansas. 

I’ve known Jerry Duff, CEO and Founder of AgriThority®, since graduate school. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on projects and Duff has marketed many of the products I’ve developed.  After a 30+ year career in public and private roles — from North Carolina State Extension Cotton Specialist to major roles with multinational genetics companies — my return to my home state of California presented me with the opportunity to pursue a new path and AgriThority was a perfect match.  

In 11 years at AgriThority, my list of technologies and client work is extensive. On average, I lead three projects per year, focusing on product development for biologics on corn, soybean, cotton, canola, wheat, lettuce and rice. 

My goal is to provide clarity to our clients – enabling them to optimize product performance while avoiding delusions. At AgriThority, we are catalysts that optimize and refine product development.

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