Expert Spotlight: Ignacio Barriola

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In this series we focus on our AgriThority talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Ignacio Barriola

As Product Development Agronomist with AgriThority®, I apply my experiences with my passion for agriculture and technology while working with a great worldwide team. I bring a robust technical crop production background with an in-depth understanding of the daily crop production challenges from the farmer point of view. As part of this expertise, I have experience developing on-farms trials capitalizing on my agronomic technical knowledge combined with my technology.  My skills in ag-tech and remote sensing are very useful in our new TrialWerx large-scale, on-farm trial service that applies insights from trial data to improve product performance 

During my time in crop production, I realized the most effective ag management decisions are based on truly reliable data and how crucial it is to measure multiple variables in that data. That was why I value on-farm trials to evaluate diverse practices. In addition to the essential task of scouting crops, I also rely on technology to measure different variables of the crop, soil, and weather. I use all the field information and possibilities from remote sensing and precision ag tools.  

My love of farming began during summer vacations with my grandparents in Entre Rios province, Argentina. As I grew up, I started understanding the complexity of natural systems and the challenges of crop production in these environments. That’s what drove my curiosity and passion for agriculture.  After studying agronomy at the University, I applied what I learned on several farms as a full-time production agronomist, caring for the crops from planting to harvest.  

The complexity of agricultural biological systems means there are multiple factors and interactions between them that can influence the effectiveness of an agricultural product. Developing a successful trial can also be difficult because there are plenty of variables that can affect its quality.  

AgriThority considers all these factors and takes care of every tiny detail of each trial, supported by a professional team of agronomists and researchers, to guarantee the excellence of the R&D process, and the quality of the results and conclusions.