Expert Spotlight: Luke Samuel, Ph.D.

Forward-thinking agriculture experts with deep scientific experience are the core of AgriThority®. As an independent global science consultancy, we focus on exploring potential, expanding market access and evolving production for greater food security and sustainability. When your Research is ready for Development, turn to AgriThority for scientific businessmarket and product expertise.

In this series we focus on our AgriThority talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Luke Samuel, Ph.D.

Putting new ideas and technologies to work is my career passion. At AgriThority, my role as Manager of Business and Technology means that I work with new ideas every day. From client innovations to novel services we offer, our team works hard every day to help you move your innovations toward commercialization. For more than a year, I have led market analysis reports for global seed equipment manufacturers and biological innovators while managing product development of large plot, on-farm trials for four clients in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the U.S.

To best serve those clients and develop technologies, I constantly probe for solutions to reach new levels of understanding that enable our clients’ success.

My curiosity about the natural world was strongly fostered by my parents’ encouragement to explore our family farm. My father has often said that my favorite question growing up was, “Why?” My desire to understand the broader ecology of natural systems ultimately led me to North Dakota State University where I got my Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management. While I was earning my doctorate, I had several excellent mentors who instilled in me a lesson that collecting the right data to understand the effects is important; the ability to share and communicate the information learned is critical. These lessons have been a driving force throughout my career.

In my role at AgriThority, I apply my experience covering the cross section of product development, technology development and marketing strategy, and I help clients work throughout the product development cycle to successfully launch products.

My passion to determine the ‘why’ drives me to help clients in any way that I can, whether it is between the rows in our field trials or moderating educational events like Exceed the Seed®.

Above all, I love applying what we see and learn to each client I serve.

For information about how AgriThority® applies product development experience and scientific protocols to novel technologies, contact Luke Samuel, Ph.D. at or call +1-816-891-0916.