How to Increase Farmer Technology Adoption with Best Management Practices

What does it take to accelerate farmer technology adoption of new products? Obviously, the technology needs to work and be proven through field trials. But it isn’t enough anymore to simply show a yield increase. Best management practices (BMPs) are essential to showing farmers how a new technology can fit into their overall crop production system. Answering the question, “how would it work on my farm?” is paramount.

For years, farmers have shown reluctance to use new technologies like biologicals. This mindset is rapidly changing. Farmers are now planning to adopt more new products and practices over the next few years.

According to the McKinsey Global Farmer Insights 2022 survey, 44% of farmers globally are willing to try new products that will increase yield, and 34% will try new crop protection products. Although 55% of Brazilian farmers and 23 percent of European farmers are already using biocontrols, 56% of U.S. farmers are not using and are not planning to use biocontrols and 34% have never heard of biocontrols. More education is needed to increase farmer adoption of biologicals, especially in the U.S. Robust data and in-depth analysis that leads to BMPs provide the basis for the education farmers need to implement new technologies.

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AgriThority experts provide turn-key data analysis to optimize trial protocol, prove performance and accelerate a product toward commercialization.

The analysis of performance in large-scale trials is important – along with many other steps in the development process – to create a solid foundation for new products. Company teams have staff that can analyze product performance data, but outside perspectives can give essential insights to help make product launches successful. A high volume of data doesn’t deliver a high volume of insights without in-depth analysis, evaluation and comparisons. Critical learning helps plan the product positioning—not just where it works, but also where it doesn’t perform. Generating a solid performance story with thorough data analysis and BMPs initiates the transfer of information from a company to growers, their dealers and their agronomists. Shifting the focus from yield improvements for the farmer to increased profitability – and proving it through analyzed data – should be the goal.

How can BMPs be determined?

  1. Understand crop production systems and the collective paradigms of the farmer-customer across geographical environments. How does a farmer process whether the product in the generally accepted production system is a success or failure?
  2. Start with scientifically solid field trial data to validate a level of statistically predictable performance and determine technically sound and specific product use recommendations within the crop production system.
  3. Take advantage of every piece of data to see a complete picture. Use all types of digital imagery, sensors and secondary data available to you. Look at environmental influences, other inputs, knowledge about the crops and farming practices. Technically position the product within a generally accepted crop production system or build rationale for improving the system with a new BMP.
  4. Aggregate the data and analyze for results and value. Mine insights.
  5. Plan the product positioning and build your brand story. What’s the opportunity your product will capitalize on at the farm gate? And geographically where? Not everything needs to be sold in the I-states. What problems is the technology solving? And equally as important is where doesn’t this product work? A specific focus or narrow focus doesn’t necessarily mean narrow opportunities. It could mean completely owning a corner of the market.
  6. Develop the BMPs by environment to optimize production and improve Return on Investment (ROI)

The AgriThority® team provides turnkey management and data analysis with benefits that range from on-farm trial supervision to ensure the protocol is being followed to then interpreting the data beyond the yield a grower measures.

To tap into the AgriThority expertise and discuss your product, reach out about TrialWerx®. This unique process provides in-depth analysis of comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data to improve performance evaluations while it defines value and positions the product for adoption and use.

Plan, Execute, Evaluate, Recommend diagram depicting process to help accelerate farmer technology adoption of new products.