ISAA President Solito Sumulong Leads Symposium Panel on New Application Technologies

On Monday, April 25, Solito Sumulong, AgriThority® Product Development & Regulatory Senior Manager and ISAA President, will make opening remarks for the ISAA Symposium 2022 in Bordeaux, France. Then on Friday, April 29, Sumulong will lead the general session “New Applications and Technologies.” The session features industry experts from John Deere, Clariant, Solvay and Borregaard who will discuss technologies for product applications and formulations.

This session is one of many during the week addressing the increased pressure on agriculture to reduce the environmental impact of inputs, the circular economy, and to produce more food on less land. This association also keeps members apprised of the regulatory process that continues to get more complicated as more products and technologies are introduced.

“Whilst we cannot hope to solve all these issues the ISAA conferences are an integral part in bringing together our industry and academia and making progress together, along this very important path to the future,” according to the ISAA Symposium website.

General Session: New Applications and Technologies 
Friday, April 29, 9 – 10:45 a.m. Auditorium A 
Session Chair: Solito Sumulong 
      • Keynote- Technologies Used in Agricultural Pesticide Application, James Child, John Deere  
      • Challenges in drone spraying and vantaged Auxiliaries for applicability and Efficiency, Iuri Dario, Clariant  
      • Increasing the formulator’s toolbox of Biopesticides, Lin Qi, Solvay  
      • Microfibrilated cellulose for structuring of high electrolyte liquid agricultural Solutions, Rebecca Blell, Borregaard 

Reach out to Solito or attend to hear firsthand how different researchers and companies are tackling the future of agriculture.

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