Regulatory Planning Requires Discipline to Avoid Disappointment

Key regulatory hurdles can impact innovations, especially those in the biological category. Importation and registration process requires in-depth product information from the beginning. If the goal is multinational, understanding the breadth of product information required by each country, makes the process more efficient and less costly in the future. Understanding the requirements and the timeline for import or regulatory planning, requires discipline to avoid disappointment.    

The early decisions include: 

        • What are the required resources and specific technical information to reduce risks of delays and increased costs? 
        • What regulatory path will maximize the value of the technology? 
        • What is a realistic timeline? 
        • What country order will contribute to success? 

To ensure a seamless regulatory process, AgriThority® recommends the following steps: 

10 Steps to Ensure a Seamless Regulatory Process

To learn more, watch this presentation on Understanding Requirements for Import and Registration. 

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