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AgriThority® Launches Soil is the SourceTM Initiative to Support New Technology Product Development

(Kansas City, Missouri, USA — Aug. 10, 2020)   The soil is the foundation of farmers’ business and is the focus of a growing category of new technologies in the agricultural industry. As growers continue to look for ways to maximize production and profit from their crop operations, the soil and the microorganisms in the soil have become a greater focus. Soil is the SourceTM is an AgriThority® initiative supporting development of new technologies from all around the world to help farmers improve soil health and productivity for greater yield and profit.

“We are continually learning new methods that help maximize yields,” says Gloverson Moro, Ph.D., AgriThority Director of Global Product Development. “But that is not enough anymore; to preserve the soil for the long term is now also an imperative. That’s exactly the goal of the new Soil is the Source initiative – to help innovators develop the new technologies that will advance the health of the soil for greater productivity and sustainability.”

Since the early 1900s, soil health was largely defined in terms of physical soil quality and fertility. Then soil biology and microbiome were discovered and linked to food quality and human health. Over the last few decades, soils have become a greater focus of the agricultural industry as an area of opportunity for many companies. AgriThority adds product development and scientific support to agricultural companies developing technologies with potential products ranging from soil-applied biostimulants, soil amendments and micronutrients to precision application methods and macronutrient enhancements.

“Soil is one of our greatest natural resources and sustains all the food we consume,” says Dan Davidson, Ph.D., AgriThority Product Development Manager. “Producers value their soil and are good stewards of the land. While they want to protect their soil, they also need to sustain their soils’ productivity. Improving microbial activity and harnessing its output will take their soil and crop production to new levels.”

According to the Soil Health Institute, good soil health practices can lead to improvements in many issues the agriculture industry is facing today, including reducing nutrient runoff and greenhouse gas emissions, along with the need to increase carbon sequestration and drought resilience, among others. Addressing those may translate not only in lower environmental impact, but also in new sources of revenue for the farmer. Sustainability continues to be a buzz word in the industry, and adopting soil health practices is a way to improve that long-term sustainability. AgriThority is committed to helping companies bring more technologies to market that can improve soil health through the Soil is the Source initiative.

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