Technologies That Will Accelerate Agriculture in 2020

At AgriThority, our business, market and product development expertise is rooted in the adoption of technology and innovation. As we enter the new year, here are three key technologies that will influence farming and ag in 2020.

Technology and automation will continue to drive yield optimization across every acre and increase efficiency of inputs to maximize ROI. The acceleration of drone technology and satellite imagery allows farmers to scout and monitor crops in real time to make more informed decisions at a fraction of the cost from five years ago. Nearly every system in a grower’s operation can be integrated with a tech platform to generate data, and more important, reveal insights.

Digital tools allow farmers to monitor, track and aggregate data improving efficiency and profitability. These tools unlock the opportunity to use innovations more successfully across more acres and more farms. Whether it’s in the cloud or in the cab, technology is crucial for producers in 2020. Big data and analytics will fast track adoption of novel crop protection products, particularly biologicals.

Biologicals were the hot topic at many 2019 agricultural conferences, including the BPIA and BioStimulant World Congress, and was a featured topic at the 7th Annual Exceed The Seed Symposium. Biologicals will continue to expand in 2020 as a natural solution for the next generation of new crop protection products. Check out the Exceed The Seed presentations on Breakthrough Biologicals here.

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