Four Trends in Agrochemicals

Last month, more than 400 delegates attended the 2022 ISAA Symposium in Bordeaux, France. Throughout the week, experts from multi-national companies in this industry presented the newest agrochemical application techniques as well as the most novel product advances. Four key trends emerged.   

      1. Merger and acquisition activities have affected multinational suppliers of ingredients for agrochemical formulations. Many of these companies are reallocating their R&D resources to support global markets.   
      2. New application methods like drones and data-backed precision sprayers will continue to influence the look, feel and function of products.  It’s imperative to gain insights on the adoption curve to help transition the market as well as design new formulation packages.
      3. Regulation of co-formulants in the agrochemical industry often presents a challenge for many companies. Mike Carroll of Eden Research (UK) had a great talk on regulation.  One insight on the regulatory process is:  Make what you test and test what you make.  When we talk about go-to-market strategies that incorporate the registration process, we guide clients quickly to that state.  In fact, I would add one more to Mike’s axiom: make what you test, test what you make, then sell what you tested.  As we guide our clients to that state, the new innovation’s path to commercialization is so much quicker. This is because it is grounded on a solid foundation that satisfies the customer, is scalable, is operable, and meets regulatory requirements. Helping clients move toward commercialization is the most fun part of the job and why I signed up at AgriThority.
      4. New biological compounds will continue to influence the look, feel and function of new and existing products.  Tankmixes, compatibility and convenience are key factors in formulation development to improve adoption.  It’s also imperative to scientifically prove performance against the established standards of the agrochemical industry and meet the ever-changing regulatory demands

At AgriThority, we identify the markets for our clients to test products, and over the years, the team has worked on the development of more than 400 new innovations. For me, helping clients gain critical insights on their product and accelerating those products to commercialization are the most rewarding parts of the job and one of our strengths at AgriThority.  



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