Three Trends in AgTech

Technology adoption is imperative in the agriculture industry to combat issues like global supply chain disruptions, rising material and energy costs, inflation, and regulatory pressures. Brett Lenz, AgriThority® Technology Transfer Product & Business Development Manager, recently attended Tech Hub Live, a leading event in agtech, to connect with industry experts and learn about novel technologies that can accelerate innovations to market.  

Three key trends emerged:  

      • Data Interoperability continues to be a challenge in the agtech sector. The past 6+ years have seen little progress in the ability to integrate or transfer data from one system to another. In fact, this issue might be getting worse. Emerging, innovative companies typically focus on their core business strengths (imagery, data collection, sampling, etc.) in silos as they don’t have the ability to view that data alongside other variables. It is imperative to merge data from multiple sources into a system that will allow a wholistic view of the crop cycle. 
      • Farm Transition is quickly approaching. Long-standing relationships built over the past 20-30 years will soon be disrupted as growers and ag retail veterans age out of the business. Most companies are looking at only the grower side of the coin with the high average grower age. However, this same issue is present in the ag retail space as well.  
      • The Carbon Market is still in its infancy with companies making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sequester carbon with little to no action plan and measurement ability in place. More development is necessary with this new opportunity.  
Photo Credit: CropLife Magazine

All three of these takeaways can be reduced into one key similarity: change. Companies need to focus on what they do best and capitalize on opportunities when the time arises. Having scientific data-backed results will be imperative as we move into the future. AgriThority supports clients every day to deliver real-time data from planting through applications and harvest for solid positioning and value. Reach out to find out how AgriThority can enhance your data for the future. 

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