2021-2022 Poland Winter Wheat Trial Planted

AgriThority® winter wheat small plot trials were planted in east-central Poland recently, with two additional regions to be planted the end of October.  

Winter Wheat Trials, Poland
AgriThority planted a small-plot winter wheat trial in east-central Poland in early October.

The client requested AgriThority evaluate the efficacy of two experimental biological products aimed at Nitrogen fixation through seed treatments. The Poland trials mirror trials taking place in Germany, as well. The research will evaluate the efficacy to provide third-party trials in future product registration.  

In the three agro-ecological regions of Poland selected, winter wheat is grown extensively. The high number of replications randomized across the small plots will generate superior data points compared to large plot, single strips. The sites also have a history of significant Nitrogen responsiveness.  

“We’re looking forward to seeing the results on these European trials,” says Erol Karkan, AgriThority EMEA Regional Manager. “AgriThority’s strong background in N-fixing product evaluation will bring added insight to the trials. In addition, the focus on small-plot trials will allow adequate data points to determine the efficacy of the products before the product moves to large-plot trials.” 

Winter Wheat Trials
The small plot trial will evaluate the efficacy of the N-fixing seed treatment product over the course of the season.

Throughout the process, Erol will visit the trial at germination, mid-season and harvest to collect agronomic notes, photography and provide quality assurance, as well as a research counterpart who will provide frequent visits for crop monitoring and maintenance.  

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