Expert Spotlight: István Szabó, Oct. 2021

In our Expert Spotlight series, we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

Istvan Szabo

My father is a vinemaker, and as a child, I worked in our family winery. I enjoyed spending time on the plantation but not the cellar. I have a great appreciation for nature and like to be “out-of-office” when possible.

My perfect day is spent in the field: watching; listening; tending to plants, weeds, and insects; and simply observing biological events. 

After receiving undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Agriculture of Gödöllő (presently SZIE), I pursued a career where I could spend time working in nature. My 20+ year career has provided me with broad experiences in the biostimulant industry, focusing on soil biology and plant health. My sales, marketing, project management and regulatory experience allows me to work with key players in the biostimulant and soil health industry in Hungary. 

My work at AgriThority® allows me to assist clients on product registration, portfolio and product development, market development, regulatory, local sales channel evaluations and ultimately product launch. I’ve successfully helped many AgriThority clients launch products in the European market. Working with new biotechnology innovations across the European continent offers me the great opportunity to manage product and field development services to test, evaluate and help commercialize new technologies.

I’m grateful I am able to continue to work in nature, where I feel most at home.  

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