Boots on the Ground: Europe Trial Evaluations

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Last month, the AgriThority® team traveled across the EU to connect with researchers in each region about capabilities, structure, and grower practices. Climatic events such as drought, hail, and excessive rainfall impacted the normal development of the crops throughout the season.

Excessive rainfall in central France caused delays in planting. Spain and Italy are being affected by a heatwave with temperatures up to 45° C, while in North France and Germany temperatures are around 25° C.

Currently, we are working on grapevines and tomatoes and conducting efficacy trials of bioherbicides. We visited three grapevine trial locations in southern France. While they were only 60 kilometers away from one another, we observed very different Powdery Mildew pressure, from 5% of severity in bunches to 90%. And similar findings were observed between trials in Spain and Italy.

Differences in crop and pest development were observed not only between countries, but also between regions due to the diversity of microclimates. The diversity of microclimates allowed the team to test protocols under different conditions and gather a wide set of trial data.

The trials are progressing well and producing key learnings. As we prepare for fall and winter trials, we plan to adjust some of our protocols to consider different treatments or combinations of treatments to optimize our approach and produce deeper insights.

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