Boots on the Ground: June 2023 Trial Update, North America

With more than 2,200 plots in five crops spread across 10 U.S. states, the AgriThority® field scientists have had a busy travel schedule.

Senior Field Research Scientist Dr. Krishan Jindal and Product Development Assistant Manager Dr. Marcos Sarto visited more than 40 small plot replicated field studies on camelina, canola, corn, cotton, and soybean in Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Tennessee. They reported from hectic but fruitful trips with many learnings and a good understanding of the progress of the field studies. Overall, the emergence of the crops was good, but lack of rain has begun to slow the growth in six states.

Corn and soybean plants in Arkansas and North Carolina studies showed positive responses to the granular formulation of a humic growth solution product alone and in combination with microbes. Enhanced growth and development were noted compared to the check and other formulations.

Corn plants in Nebraska and Kansas studies showed a positive response to the increased nutrient use efficiencies technologies such as microbial inoculants, biocatalysts, nanoparticles, ion exchange, slow-release nutrients and mycorrhizae.

Many learnings from the Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and North Dakota plots on the agronomic practices included the needed planting depth to raise the healthy Camelina crop. Camelina is being tested as an alternative crop for bioenergy, Omega3 source and bioplastic. The cultivars are being tested for seeding rate, depth and winter hardiness.

Jindal reports that our selection of researchers has proven to be attentive to the many details and timeliness when executing our protocols for the many locations we supervise. Timely rains would be most helpful for all the testing to progress well.

We anticipate that these trials will produce actionable insights for our clients that allow them to further product development and advance their novel technology toward commercialization.

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