Evoia Biostimulant Trials Show Significant Results

Evoia logo.AgriThority® analyzed replicated field trials performed across multiple locations through three cropping seasons for Evoia, and the results showed the product consistently delivered a statistically significant 6% yield advantage over the farmer standard, which is especially relevant for a biostimulant. In general, compared to biostimulants used in corn, Evoia efficacy falls in the top 20% of the AgriThority® historical biostimulant trial database, which comprises more than 10,000 data points from field experiments.

Krishan Jindal, Ph.D. standing in a field in Indiana analyzing an Evoia biostimulant trial.
Krishan Jindal, Ph.D. analyzes an Evoia biostimulant trial in Indiana.

Ignacio Colonna, Global Director, Science & Technology, led this initiative for AgriThority® and reports that the Evoia biostimulant also showed a significant effect on early crop growth, expressed in a mean 8% increase in early-season aboveground biomass vs. the farmer standard across all trials, and a 10% increase in root mass during the early vegetative stages when used as a seed treatment.

The frequency of positive effects from the Evoia product, and the mean effect versus the farmer standard, were larger for trials performed under abiotic stress especially associated with high temperatures along the season.

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