North American Field Trials Continue to Show Promising Results

Our scientists, including Krishan Jindal, Marcos Sarto, and Madhu Jindal, have visited over 3,300 experimental plots across the 9 states this summer to analyze the progress on camelina, canola, corn, potato and soybean trials. Despite unusually dry conditions across the U.S. midwestern states, the trials are producing promising results and providing many key learnings.

  • Row Crops were significantly affected by the dry conditions during the early establishment of the row crops, which may result in a 10-15% reduction in their production–particularly in the rainfed areas. However, plots are progressing well and are expected to have a 95% success rate overall.
  • Potato Crops are thriving better than normal years because of less cloudy and more growing degree days in the Central Sands of Wisconsin, which is positively impacting tuber bulking. Plots show an average of 22 to 25 tubers per hill compared to the normal of 17 to 18. This may result in an increase of 10 to 15% yield over normal.
  • Fallow Syndrome is an unusual crop growth pattern that has impacted one of the trials. It has limited crop growth in the plots with no crop in the 2022 season. Plants in the plots with no crop in the 2022 season were dwarf and had significantly lower growth compared to the plots having soybean crops. A key learning is to avoid placing a trial in a field that has been left without a crop for a year or more as it can significantly impact the trial data quality.
  • Canola plants raised from the seeds treated with a new technology product were healthier and had superior growth compared to the plants from the untreated seeds. In the test plots in 2022, this technology increased the canola yield on average by 20%.
  • Microbial products are proving effective in corn and soybean plants with new formulations producing favorable results.

Overall, the crops showed positive responses to many of the new technologies, and these may provide workable solutions to the growers for sustainable farming.

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