Regulatory Updates in Biologicals

Article thumbnail with a headshot of Gloverson Moro, Ph.D. and the text, "'Need-to-Know Regulations Intel for Four Regions,' Featued Presenter, Gloverson Moro, Ph.D."

Last week, Gloverson Moro, Ph.D., AgriThority® Chief Technology Officer, joined industry experts for the AgriBusiness Global Webinar, “Need-to-Know Regulations Intel for Four Regions” to discuss the latest regulatory updates for biological products.

Moro focused on the U.S., stressed the importance of the Farm Bill and highlighted the key details that innovators in the biological space should keep in mind. First, he noted that while the definition of “plant biostimulant” is similar to the definition laid out in 2018, it was excluded from the definition of a ‘plant regulator’ in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) so long as it has a low risk profile and is of biological origin.

Another important piece of regulation Moro discussed is the AAPFCO (Plant Biostimulant) Beneficial Substance Model Bill. During the 2024 winter annual conference (February), the “Uniform Beneficial Substance Bill” was unanimously approved by the AAPFCO, an organization comprised of the state level fertilizer and soil amendment regulators, to act as model for states to implement. Less than a month after the bill was introduced, the state of California was the first to introduce an amendment to their fertilizer material law to include the definitions and labelling guidance from the beneficial substance model bill.

Finally, Gloverson detailed the EPA, FDA, and USDA issue for a joint regulatory plan for Biotechnology, aimed to streamline and clarify the regulatory process for novel biotechnology products as well as the bans and reversals that have recently been issued.

As the regulatory landscape for biologicals continues to evolve, the AgriThority® team is committed to working within the global regulatory infrastructure to move our client’s innovations toward commercialization.

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