Three Trends in European Agriculture

Like most agricultural conferences in the 21st century, sustainability was a hot topic at World AgriTech London in late September 2022. We see genome editing is more and more becoming a reality, along with precision agriculture, digital platforms, self-driving vehicles and drones.

  1. Winter Wheat Trials, Poland
    AgriThority planted a small-plot winter wheat trial in east-central Poland in 2021.

    Genome editing is coming of age. We’re seeing it come up more and more every meeting we attend. But more than just being a promising technology, it’s really about how it is now generating meaningful products in agriculture. Although there are still regulatory challenges to overcome, especially in Europe, genome editing products are becoming more mainstream and are something to watch.

  2. Sustainability continues to be one of the most talked about topics in all of agriculture, and it’s no exception in Europe. What’s different about Europe is the need to find the right balance between regulatory and sustainability. Europe continues to be a complex market to break into because of the differing regulatory systems and unpredictability, but it’s not impossible. Proper planning on the outset of product development can make a launch into Europe in the future more seamless. It will never be easy – regulatory approval shouldn’t be easy – but it can be more seamless.
  3. Many sessions on precision agriculture raised the profile of the topic. Specifically, something that caught my attention was large application drones. Together with self-recharging technology, these large flying machines can make the concept of drone application a reality. And with that, a potential shift from volume to service in the crop protection industry.

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