Australian Impact on U.S. Technology

Map of Australia with thumb tack in the center of the continentWe are “Mates in innovation and collaboration” according to Australia in the U.S., the Australian Embassy and Consulates-General. Agriculture is one of more than 13 industries represented by the business delegation. Beyond these official connections where Australia and United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) has promoted innovation in both the U.S. and Australia, companies also are crossing borders to benefit farmers around the world.

Innovative companies crossing the oceans are finding new markets for their technologies. Dr. Gloverson Moro, AgriThority® Chief Technology Officer, continues to stress the opportunities for market expansion often are not in the “backyards” of the researchers.

“Devoting investigative time to define where in the world potential and needs exist is worth the effort, even for early-stage concepts,” Moro says. “We work across borders with many of our new technology clients to help prioritize where and how their development can advance toward commercialization and adoption.”

He and the international network of AgriThority® experts deploy the Prescriptive Response™ development services to ensure the clients plan to manage all the steps in a product development program. Addressing many variables from importation and regulatory hurdles to the expansive performance data and market access steps are paramount to move from concept to successful launch in any market.

As much as the U.S. is a hub for agtech in the Northern and Western hemispheres, AgriFutures Australia has a goal of making Australia the agtech capital of the Southern Hemisphere. The program involves collaboration among Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and Australia’s 15 Research & Development Corporations and has hosted more than 160 commercial opportunities, 2,700 research projects and 80,000 users.

“Australia represents a lot of untapped potential for agriculture innovation,” says Jerry Duff, AgriThority® Founder and President. “When people think of agriculture advancements in the Southern hemisphere, they think of South America, but they are overlooking a large country that has an agriculture sector that’s valued at $69 billion and growing.”

Examples of Australia ag innovation going to America and other countries around the world range from drought and water management systems, cotton and camelina seed improvements to advancements of rhizobia processing and packaging. One company focused on crop improvements through root nodule bacteria for pasture, grain and pulse legumes is New Edge Microbials (NEM). The study of nitrogen-fixing Rhizobia began more than 50 years ago, but the evolution of formulations and packaging continues to progress.

According to Director, Sales & Business Development Grant Morley, NEM was founded in 2000 and has consistently grown and produced scientifically proven, high-quality bacterial cultures in commercial quantities. “Our novel processing delivers Rhizobia in an exclusive formulation of soluble concentrated inoculant. This concentrated formulation and simple vial packaging gives us an opportunity to expand around the world with confidence in our efficacy, logistical efficiency and shelf-life. Our value proposition allows more flexibility for the farmers and seed suppliers,” Morley says. “We have capacity to expand our exports to help farmers reduce synthetic fertilizer inputs, reduce costs while increasing soil organic matter and improving soil and plant health.”

The company is committed to development of foreign markets including the U.S., Canada, South America, and other regions of the Asia Pacific. The NEM products also reflect the company’s decades of research proving the benefits of selected bacillus and fungi-based biofertilizers, biostimulants and biocontrols to improve soil and plant health.

This is one of the 10,000 companies making their way from Australia to the U.S., according to the Australian Embassy and Consulates-General. As Australia’s largest economic partner, the U.S. is a potential destination for many Australian agtech innovations in the future, and U.S. companies shouldn’t overlook Australia as a new market for expansion.

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