Expert Spotlight: Ukraine Team Continues to Persevere

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many reports have outlined the challenges facing growers in Ukraine and the conflict’s impact on global agricultural markets. The AgriThority® team in Ukraine, Dinara Sadykova and Sergei Ianovskyi, can confirm the hardships! They have persevered and produced results despite the challenges and danger they face daily.

Navigating life with alarm signals and sirens throughout the day and night, the sound of explosions in the distance and intermittent electricity seems insurmountable, but Dinara and Sergei continue to work tirelessly to overcome obstacles. Earlier this spring, mail services halted, and they faced challenges with the importation of sample products for field trials. However, they managed to find a way to get the samples needed and executed promising trials. In late November, the team was without water, electricity, phone and internet for five days and are still experiencing lengthy daily power outages. Nonetheless, they maintain a positive outlook as they push forward.

A recent report from NASA Harvest shows Ukraine farmers harvested 26.6 million tons of wheat in 2022. While this is down from the 2021 yield, it is close to the five-year average of 27.9 million tons. Corn and sunflower yields were good this year despite the war. Ukraine farmers are working hard, and despite needing pesticides and fertilizers, they are continuing to innovate with the use of biologicals.

Dinara and Sergei have been working with AgriThority® clients for the past 5 years and continue to work alongside them during the conflict. In addition, they are working with research organizations throughout the region as well as the Ministry of Ecology as they continue to fight to produce the food, feed, fuel and fiber for the people of the Ukraine and the global agricultural community.

In our Expert Spotlight series, we focus on our AgriThority® talent and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll learn about their global travels, and the crops, technologies and innovations they research.

AgriThority® Expert Spotlight: Dinara Sadykova & Sergei Ianovskyi

Dinara Sadykova

As AgriThority® Project Manager in Ukraine and CIS, I bring my expertise with pesticide registration, development and logistics to my work with our clients. I am in frequent communication with government bodies, research institutes, and different ministries to help move our clients’ innovations to market.

During my five years at AgriThority®, we’ve worked on the registration of more than 10 bioproducts in Ukraine’s main crops, including wheat, corn and sunflower. Through work with research organizations and field trials, we continue to evaluate the toxicological, ecological BS microbiological properties of the products.

Prior to joining AgriThority®, I represented an American company, FMC Corporation, Ukraine, for 25 years and was a teacher and translator, working with the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, Kyiv State University and the Ministry of Health. The war makes life hard, but I’m glad to continue working to test, evaluate and introduce new technologies to agricultural markets.

Sergei Ianovskyi

At AgriThority®, I’m driven to combining the growing agribusiness sector in Ukraine with science. As AgriThority® Project Manager, I’ve established deep connections with the scientists at the research institutes throughout the Ukraine and CIS and the farmers. I work with our clients to obtain the data required for efficient registration of new products.

I have more than 30 years of experience in field development working at the Research Institute of Plant Protection on pesticides application technology. I also was director of the U.S. company Cyanamid and a sales manager of the US company FMC in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

I’m passionate about leading teams on evaluating product performance in environments that effectively demonstrate value to growers. As the war goes on, we continue to face problems with electricity and internet connection, but I’m proud we continue to work alongside our partners and clients in the region.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The AgriThority® team continues to support our colleagues in Ukraine and keep them in our thoughts as they work through extremely difficult circumstances.

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