Biome Makers Host Lunch-and-Learn with AgriThority®

Screenshot of Lunch-and-Learn video call with AgriThority® and Biome Makers.
The online session May 24, 2023, provided an opportunity for greater partnership between AgriThority® and Biome Makers teams.

A lunch-and-learn webinar gathering of more than 20 from AgriThority® and Biome Makers was an informative and collaborative discussion about soil microbiology and the measuring tools.

“Our companies share the passion for optimizing biological innovation driven by science.  Our development work continually incorporates tools like the BeCrop® Technology for insights and measurements of soil health,” reports Dr. Gloverson Moro, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer for AgriThority®.  “We appreciate the opportunities for continual improvement of insights generated through deeper data generation, evaluation and analysis.”

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